kdrama Ratings (under construction)

  • 2 Weeks (2013): Acting, writing and directing are all spot-on
    Lee Chae Mi is pitch-perfect. Lee Jun Ki is winning.
    Pros: fast-paced, deliciously suspenseful, heartfelt, keeps you asking for MORE!
    Cons: sometimes the plot machinations seemed overused (di-ca, anyone?) and as always, Korea’s police force was so incompetent

    Rating: 9/10

  • Winter Sonata (2002): My first kdrama!
    One of the original melodramas. It’s reportedly the kdrama that started Hallyu Wave 1.0 and, also, my kdrama addiction
    However, if you watch it now, it will probably seem cheesy and full of clichés
    I remember Bae Yong Jun to be charming, and Choi Ji Woo to be crying all.the.time.

    Rating: 7/10

  • He Who Can’t Marry (2009): My favorite rom-com ❤
    I L-O-V-E this drama.
    I’ve watched this over so many times, and will insha-Allah continue to do so in the future, yet there’s never a dull moment. It’s kinda like “Friends” – eternally entertaining. I love (actual) hilarious dramas, and “He Who Can’t Marry” really cracks me up. There’s a fair bit of romance and drama too, and the balance between them is perfect. The actors are brilliant, and they all fit into their characters so well that I find it difficult to imagine them in other dramas. And the ending… is so satisfying (for me, atleast). Who cares if this is a remake of the Japanese drama? The Koreans have done a fantastic job at that, no? In my opinion, this drama is flawless

    Rating: 10/10

  • Capital Scandal (2007): Exciting storyline; stunning cinematography; catchy OST; good acting; romantic couples; hilarious moments vs heartbreaking moments; bold twists – what more could I hope for?
    Firstly, sensibility. I found it ridiculous that the drama depicted Chosun as having a handful of freedom fighters at such a critical time
    Secondly, cohesion. Glamour and war don’t go together, do they? The ending is inconclusive but for the sake of making sense out of this “fantasy” drama, I have assumed that Lee Sun Hyun remains unable to forget Cha Song Joo, and that Chosun is well on its way to independence. How? I have no idea
    However, I must admit that up until the last few scenes, this drama had captivated me & kept me on the edge of my seat

    Rating: 7.5/10


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