“God Only Knows”

Being a huge fan of Lee Byung Hun (as an actor), I’m ambivalent about his ongoing scandal. On one hand, I want to believe the statements released by his agency, BH Entertainment. On the other hand, I know that rich, powerful people can easily get away with their crimes – it is the poor, helpless people who get victimized in the end. (A Man’s Story and History of a Salaryman taught me that!) Whatever the case, this blackmailing incident / scandal is not his first and that’s what really saddens me.

I’m with his wife, Lee Min Jung, on this one: “God Only Knows”. Na’am, Allahu Alam. Allah Knows best what really happened.


Yesterday was Eid day and I, for one, had a bad day.

I could not begin my day blessed with Eid Namaz – slumber had overtaken me.
I could not paint my hands with henna – I had none at home.
I could not feel the same excitement as everyone else – instead, I agonized over not having a new dress.
I could not have a single meal together with my family – I was too busy sulking.

Late at night, as I watched news about Gaza’s only powerplant being bombed (by Israel) and Gaza consequently being shrouded in darkness, I wondered about how insignificant my issues were compared to theirs. SubhanAllah! Just think about their Eid. (Read about their Eid here)

I marvel at their strength, hope and courage to fight on, to live on, amidst the ceaseless oppression and slaughter of their brothers and sisters, not to mention virtually zero support from world powers. All they have is people power… and Allah.

#SupportGaza #FreePalestine

May Allah give respite to the Palestinian people and free them from their aggressor. Ameen ya Rabb!